Advanced Technologies

We have several methods and processes using advanced technology tools, which help to reduce time and costs.

Professional Dentistry

Our prices are usually 1/3 or less than US prices in same or better quality.

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Our goal is to provide you with exceptional dental care using the latest technologies and most advanced dental treatment. With a background of 65 years of experience we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the dental care you receive. Our staff includes specialists that have post-graduate training and offer you a successful result. We believe that every patient deserves to have the best personal and professional attention.

  • “The dentistry done for me by Dr. Juan P. Adame and Dr. Bogarin was excelent. They took time to do it perfectly and with care for me as well as my teeth, I recomend their professionalism, artistry and compassion”

    Caraway Longuille – Jamul, CA
  • “I am a retired Naval Officer and have no dental insurance. I’ve lived my entire life with a terrible overbite, my only regret is that I didn’t meet Dr. Gabriel Adame before I was 53 years old, He completed my full mouth reconstruction in 5 visits, all the work for about one fifth than US prices, the office is immaculate and everyone friendly and corteous”

    Martha Kantor – Glasgow, KY
  • “Thank you for the education, dedication and level of expertise you have attained to serve people in need. I am very impressed with your skills as well as the congenial atmosphere of your office”

    Jan Elliot – Lakeside, CA
  • “I’ve been coming many years with Dr. Gabriel Adame, I’ve always been treated very professionaly and with great service, I trust my teeth and smile only to him, congratulations for your honest work”

    Rene Gonzalez Guevara – Tecate Mexico
  • “This man (Dr. Juan P. Adame) took his time to do work to perfection. He has honor and integrity. The family is very honorable and I would recomend them to anyone. By the way we travel 2 hrs one way to see them”

    Dara Liesberg – Murrieta, CA
  • “To express some thoughts more than three decades past, it is my pleasure to relate some thinking of those wonderfull years now long gone.
    I first came to your father/grandfather in 1974 because I had a dental problem. It was a Saturday I was in pain and three dentists turned me down or wanted to wait for a week, finally I called a friend of mine in San Diego and she gave me the phone number, I called, drove to the office and got my self treated. The relationship with all of you has been highly rewarding. It has been a joyous part of my life to come to Tecate and I thank you all very much”

    Douglas Duncan – Cathedral City, CA
  • “We thank Dr. Gabriel Adame for his professional and honest treatment for me and my wife. We  would recomend him to any of my friends and family”

    Manuel H. Diaz – El Cajon, CA
  • “After having no back teeth for years, Dr. Juan P. Adame gave me perfect new teeth, with a great service and wonderfull staff, I was more than happy. I thank you all”

    Sally Rae Bartz – Lakeside, CA
  • “I have been treated well since I have been coming to Dr. Adame and his complete staff. The work on my teeth has been good and reasonable. We have been coming for over 6 years”

    Paul Hedgpeth – Spring Valley, CA
  • “Dr. Juan Pablo Adame saved me from 45 years of bad teeth. I feel much more confident in my daily experiences. The entire Adame family and nice clean office was a wonderful experience. Thank You”

    Tom Kane – San Diego, CA
  • “I am very very happy with the work that I had done in this very clean office, I bring my children and grand children and they also are very pleased with all the work that has been done to them”

    Joanne McDermott – San Diego, CA
  • “I have been going to the Adame Dental Clinic since I retired in 2006, and am a very happy patient. I have had regular teeth cleanings, a four tooth bridge, and a root canal implemented in that time. Everything has been done in the most professional manner, and I am more than happy to recommend Dr Adame and his colleagues to you. Their fees are, of course, much much less than you would pay in the USA, and I enjoy my visits to Tecate which is a very pleasant border town”

    David Jones